Fake vs Real Gucci Belt

Fake vs Real Gucci Belt

July 19, 2017 fake black 0

                                 How to spot fake Gucci Belt 1. On the newer authentic Gucci belt packaging, notice the white colour isn’t just plain white, it has this extremely light shade to it. 2. You tend to get fading […]

Fake vs Real Hermes Belt

Fake vs Real Hermes Belt

July 17, 2017 fake black 0

                                   How to spot fake Hermes Belt 1. Fake vs Real Hermes Belt. 2. Clearest difference on the box is the colour. We’ll have a closer look at more details on the box in the next […]

Fake vs Real Louis Vuitton Belt

Fake vs Real Louis Vuitton Belt

July 11, 2017 fake black 0

How to spot fake Louis Vuitton belt 1. The real box has a grainy-like texture to it and the “Louis Vuitton” print is darker. The orange on the real box isn’t as vibrant as it is on the fake either. 2. The real dustbag is the most recent version that you’ll get when […]

How to Spot a Fake Vintage Moschino Belt

July 9, 2016 fake black 0

              How to tell if the Vintage Moschino Belt is fake Here is a easy guide to telling if your “vintage” 90s Moschino belt is real or not. Below you can see ‘Redwall’ embossed in to the the back of every letter, this is the […]

Gucci belt

How to spot fake Gucci belt

May 30, 2016 fake black 0

Founded in 1921, Gucci is a Italian fashion house that produces fashion goods such as handbags, shoes, belts, suits, and more. The ‘Made in italy’ trademark withholds almost 100 years of history in the making. However, because Gucci is a very popular fashion house and is know for it’s high […]

armani jeans belt set

How to spot fake Armani belt

April 17, 2016 fake black 0

How to tell if the Armani belt is fake   1. We present you the original GIORGIO ARMANI belt. You can buy it at the price of 190 euro. 2. The buckle on the original Armani belt is blue. The inside label must be identical to the one in the picture below and feature the […]


September 6, 2015 fake black 0

  How to spot the fake Hugo Boss belt     For the 2006 summer season a BOSS Orange Womenswear collection – offering the same casual, individualistic and upbeat styles as the existing men’s collection – is launched for women. 1. The original Hugo Boss belt costs 70 – 110 euro, the fake […]

Hermès belt


August 27, 2015 fake black 0

How to spot a fake Hermes belt The French luxury brand is synonymous with sophistication, class and distinction and is one of the most coveted by fashion lovers. Its history begins with Thierry Hermes who founded a workshop for harnesses for horses in 1837, counting among its clients many European nobles. […]


August 14, 2015 fake black 0

How to spot  the fake Calvin Klein belt For 40 years Calvin Klein has had a consistent and strong brand identity in which clean, simple lines define an elegant, iconic style. Maintaining an image of accessible luxury has made the Calvin Klein brand one of the most successful in the fashion industry. […]