Fake Armani cap – Cappello Baseball

Armani cap Cappello Baseball
Armani cap Cappello Baseball

How to spot a fake Armani cap

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1. The original Armani cap Cappello baseball costs 80 euro, the fake 10 – 40 euro. Please note, online pictures may be real, check the site’s return policy.


2. The two removable labels shouldn’t be missing. The first label features the initials AJ ARMANI JEANS (collection of origin: GIORGIO ARMANI, EMPORIO ARMANI, EA7, ARMANI COLLEZIONI, ARMANI JEANS – uppercase), embossed company logo. The second removable label features: color, style number eg : C6427 U6 (the same number must be found on the label inside, in the following form 427 C6  U6 – see image no 4). If these labels are missing, then the Armani cap is a fake.

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Differences fake Armani cap

3. The first removable label (letter type) features the authenticity certificate ( every sign, letter – embossed). Without this certificate the Armani Cappello Baseball cap is a fake.

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4. The original Armani cap features two inside fixed labels. The first label features the style number eg 427U6 C6, if this number doesn’t match the number on the removable label, then the Armani cap is a fake.


5. The second inside label features the following: top left – TRADE (uppercase), top right – MARK (uppercase), center – AJ (CHECK THE FIRST LINE IN A, THINNER) ARMANI JEANS (uppercase, bottom center – Established 1981. Carefully check the size, print quality, distance and font of the logo, also check if the seam is even and straight.



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