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                                            How to recognize fake Burmese cat

It pains me greatly when I see sites of animals, the breed cats enormous confusion. I noticed that every time the cat has dark fur face, blue eyes and black stockings, is named Burmese.

My role is to remove this article, I hope, all Burmese breed confusion about once and for all.

For those who have lived a lie for all those veterinarians whose races just do not know by heart so that, huh, cats are treated the same whether they are by race or another, I want to build mystery Birman. If ever give over the English name of this breed, it is Burma. Not to be confused with the Burmese, that is something else. Remember, if a cat resembles a race, it means that it is not the breed! It must meet all the essential features to be called in case of this article, Burmese.

So what’s a Burmese cat? Or rather, how is it?

The breed has indeed darker colorations in several areas of the body: face, ears, tail and feet. Instead, paws are always white:



All four paws have to be white to be Burmese cat like this!

And delving into detail about race …

Overview of Burmese

– It is also called the Sacred Cat of Burma and because the breed was first recognized in France, folded her name French: Burmese.

– The breed is probably much older, but it was first recognized in 1925.

– A darker coloration recognize by face, ears, tail and legs and especially after white paws. They are a breed of cat with long fur, fluffy and soft.



I insist remember paws distinguish them from other races because, despite the dark color in the extremities and face, may be confused.

Birman wearing what is also called “white gloves”, ie white paws.

If Birman ideal front paws white gloves should end between the second and third wrist paw.

The back paws, the gloves to expand on all fingers, but can be taller than those in front.



Long hair, silky and varied colors: white, gray, and any variation between these two colors or very light cream (egg shell).

Insignia can be many types, probably about all the colors you can take a cat fur, Chocolate, “blue”, light gray, dark gray, cream, lilac etc. It is permitted to be insignia and tabby patterns, but not the body. Tabby patterns are the stripes, dots, lines, spirals and so on.


As for the signs, they may appear only on the muzzle, around the eyes, ears, tail and legs. The only place that is allowed is white paws, extremities. Anywhere else appears white in the above areas, it is considered a mistake and sweet Burmese cat falls from categorization. Burmese cats are born completely white fur, just after the first week, the time is occurring and their inherited according to color, begin to clear their distinctive signs.

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