How to spot the fake Chanel J12 watch

The history of CHANEL watches begins in 1978 with the Premiere model whose octagonal casing was inspired by the shape of the famous Place Vendome and the cap of the first Chanel 5 perfume.

In 2000 they launch J12, a model that combines classical elements, sporty style and unconventional materials such as high-tech ceramics, resistant to scratching.

The code colors of the brand are found in both collections: black and white. All models have suggestive name, Camelia, MAdemoiselle, 1932, Matelasse, Chocolate, restoring the universe of mystery of the creator.




1.The price of the original Chanel J12 watch varies between 4000 – 17 000 euro depending on: mechanism, diamonds; the fake 200 – 4,000 euro. Please note, online pictures may be real, check the site’s return policy.


2.The original box must feature the CHANEL word (uppercase), carefully check every letter for consistency and spacing. The inside of the box features the text J12 (not the CHANEL word – see picture below). The box comes with a user manual and a warranty certificate. Please note original boxes may contain fake watches.

chanel-black-j12-unisex-ruby-lc-1013-255860-6829 ch9700-j12-box


3. Carefully check the Chanel logo on the dial, for consistency and spacing. Carefully check: date (font must be black), length of numbers e.g. 10.

chanel-black-j12-unisex-ruby-lc-1013-255860-6834 Picture1

4. Carefully check the watch’s finishing.


5. Chanel engraves each watch with a serial number. This number is found also on some fakes, but the difference may be immediately seen, because the shape of the numbers is not exact, and the depth of the inscription is superficial.

chanel-black-j12-unisex-ruby-lc-1013-255860-6831 chanel-black-j12-unisex-ruby-lc-1013-255860-6832




6. The original strap features at its closing the text CHANEL (uppercase), carefully check the size, print quality, distance and font of the text.

3548927d_xxl IMG_5535

                REAL                                                             FAKE


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