The company that created the Converse sneakers was founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, in the town of Massachusetts, America.
The first pair of Converse was created in 1917 and was named All Star. Marquis’s company was going through a difficult time financially, so its representatives were pressured into finding a strategy to help overcome the situation.
Basketball was a very popular sport at that time so the company managers saw an opportunity in creating durable shoes, that provided comfort to players and at the same time a way to keep the company running.


1. Original Converse sneakers cost 70 euro, the fakes 25 euro. Please note that online pictures may be real, check the site’s return policy.



The Converse box original

2. The original Converse sneakers are packaged in a retail box. The box has the company logo (Converse-capital letters). Carefully check the size, print quality, distance and font of the logo. Older models may vary depending on color and style. Please note, original boxes may contain fake sneakers.

3. The Converse box has a side label. On the label you can find the following information: serial number, size and country of manufacture. Check whether it corresponds to the label on the sneakers (serial no M9166C). If the label doesn’t exist or the serial number doesn’t match with the one on the sneakers, then you are dealing with a fake.

4. The original Converse shoes have an inside label. This label varies depending on year, country of manufacture and style. Check the number – 6 digits (M9166C), it must match the serial number on the box, if the number doesn’t match then you are dealing with a fake.

5.The sole should be thick, hard (bend the sole), featuring the following text: Converse-carefully check the C letter (upper end flattened). STAR (5 points). ALL STAR (upper case). SMALL STAR (top left – six points).

6. The safety element of the Converse shoes is the letters, made of several segments with spacing;if the letters are one-piece you are dealing with a fake.


7. The back black pinstripe must be thicker (EX 2), the logo mustn’t blend with the red pinstripe (EX 3). A safety measure tanken by Converse is the embossed dot on the sole, if this doesn’t exist, then you are dealing with a fake.


The safety element of the Converse shoes



9.Another safety element is the seam on the outside.





  1. Yep Daughter is well pleased with her two pairs of Converse. Been wearing them for 8 months or so, cant get them off her feet. Hell ! when they wear out I will have lash out £15 a pair again at the local market…god the costs of children nowdays!!

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