How to spot the fake Oakley sunglasses



Differences fake Oakley sunglasses


1. The price of the original Oakley sunglasses is between 100 – 300 euro, the fake 10 – 50 euro. Please note, online pictures may be real, check the site’s return policy.

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2. The Oakley sunglasses come packed in a retail box. Carefully check the quality of the design on the box; also check if the logo and font match the original one used by Oakley.

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3. The side of the box must feature a label containing the following technical data: manufacturer, barcode, model’s name, frame and lens description. If this label is missing, then the glasses are a fake.


4. The original Oakley sunglasses come with a black dust bag. Check if the logo and font used match the original one, also check the quality of the material used.

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5. The original dust bag features the Oakley or HDO logo. Carefully check the letter O: shape, quality (straight, ending without extra material). If the dust bag is missing, then the Oakley sunglasses are a fake.

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How to tell if the Oakley sunglasses is original

6. The original sunglasses feature the Oakley logo on the frame. Carefully check the shape of the letter: the color should be the same on the entire letter’s surface, it shouldn’t be glued on (traces of glue).

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7. The left arm usually features: model number, lens size (the numbers are separated by a small “O” Oakley).

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8.”MADE IN U.S.A.” is usually engraved or imprinted on the inside of the right arm. The original Oakley sunglasses are made in USA, not China or Taiwan.

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9. The authenticity certificate and warranty card shouldn’t be missing. The warranty card features the “O” symbol on the front and usually it unfolds in a larger document.

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