persol sunglasses original
persol sunglasses original

How to spot the fake Persol sunglasses


1. The price of the original glasses varies between 120 – 180 euro, the fake 10 – 70 euro. Please note online pictures may be real, check the site’s return policy.

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Differences fake Persol sunglasses

2. The Persol glasses are packaged in a retail box. Check if the logo and font match the official one. Older models may vary by color and style.

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3. The Persol glasses come with a warranty certificate. Carefully check the logo on the cover (embossed), and content (details about the glasses, source). If the warranty is missing, then you are dealing with a fake.


4. The authentic Persol glasses come with a dust cloth (brown), carefully check if the logo matches the official one.

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5. The case of the glasses shouldn’t be missing. Carefully check letter I (line extension to letter E). Please note original cases may contain fake glasses.

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How to tell if the Persol sunglasses is original

6. The safety element of the Persol sunglasses is the arrow that continues on two sides (made of metal, flat, clean straight edges). If the arrow is missing, then you are dealing with a fake.

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7. The original sunglasses are engraved with the text Persol (top, right lens), carefully check the letters R and S (the only connected letters).

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8. The inside of the right arm features the Persol logo, followed by “Hand Made in Italy”, then the letters CE (European conformity certificate).

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9. The inside of the left arm features the model code (3 or 4 digits), lens number, measuring frame. Check if these details match the documents, if not, then you are dealing with a fake.

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10. The Persol sunglasses feature their patented system “Meflecto”, the system provides a flexible opening. Check if the system has the two metal strips.

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