Fake vs Real Chanel Espadrilles

Fake vs Real Chanel Espadrilles
Fake vs Real Chanel Espadrilles

                        How to spot fake Chanel Espadrilles

I will explain how you can spot the difference between a counterfeit and authentic Chanel espadrilles. You can englarge the real vs fake pictures to get a better look.


Chanel espadrilles are highly sought after and therefor a lot of replica’s are beeing offered. Actually, it’s easier to find a replica than to get your hands on an authentic pair of Chanel espadrilles!

Chanel espadrilles come in different color combinations, designs (such as mesh, single or double rope and high top) and materials such as leather, canvas and suede.

As you can see on the picture of the fake espadrilles the leather looks a bit plastic and doesn’t have a natural(!) shiny and soft look. Also Lambskin leather stretches well and tends to reshape after wearing. This information might be usefull when you want to buy pre-owned Chanel espadrilles.


The defining characteristic of the Chanel espadrilles are the jute rope soles which is long, soft and has a shiny vegetable fiber. The older models have a single rope sole but this year Chanel introduced the double rope sole, which is more heavier and bulkier. However, not all the current models have a dubble rope sole!

Differences fake Chanel Espadrilles

The rope soles is protected by a rubber sole. All the letters, digits and logo are in relief (this means NOT engraved but they come out of the sole).



The structure of the sole from tip to heel should be:

  • The size in EU;

Espadrilles come in full sizes (37, 38, 39, etc) and NEVER in half sizes. Some models have a line under the size.

  • A “Made in Spain” relief;

ALL the espadrilles are made in Spain so if you see some other country on the sole the espadrilles are fake!

  • A kinda see through space with a Chanel patern, where you should see the structure of the rope underneth the rubber sole;

  • “CHANEL” in capital letters;
  • again a see through space; and
  • on the heel a big CC logo.

As you can see on the picture above the replica’s have a lighter almost white see through part, the font of the word “Chanel” is different and the CC logo doesn’t come out like the authentic one.


The Chanel espadrilles are known for the CC logo that is sewn(!) at the top. Please pay close attention to the stitching and the gap between de two CC.

As you can see on the picture of the fake leather espadrilles the stitching of the CC isn’t need and the CC isn’t even! Also the right loup of the inner part is thicker than the left. On the authentic leather espadrilles the CC is even en the stitching is perfect! On the picture of the fake canvas espadrilles you can see that the CC is not really a CC but more like a Gimini sign and the gap between de fake CC is to small and to round.


On the inside of a espadrilles should be a “Chanel” and a “Made in Spain” heat stamp and NOT Italy!



How to tell if the Chanel Espadrilles is fake

Also pay close attention to the engraving. As you can see the engraving on the authentic espadrilles is very sharp, thin and need. The small CC logo should be in one thin circle and not in a double or thick one and the circle should be located under the letter A lening to the right. Also as you can see on the fake the “C” is to closed.

The way an espadrille looks on the inside bepends of the model and the color! All the insides on the picture under are authentic and there are even more options! The Mesh Leather espadrille have the Chanel patern sewn inside of the sole.

Also the inside is stitched all around with jute rope.

As you can see on the fake on the picture above they used a rope looking(!) stitching on the inside. However, the stitching stops on a certain point and the rope that’s used on the fake is mostlikely not jute rope because it’s to thin.


An authentic pair of Chanel espadrilles come in a black firm box with a bit leathery glow and “CHANEL” written on top of the cover in white capital letters. If you see a soft looking box, a box that has dents or a CC logo, the espadrilles are mostlikely fake.

Inside of the box you should find a black cotton dustbag with in white capital letters “CHANEL”. If you buy NEW Chanel shoes you should find the dustbag on top of the shoes. The shoes shoudn’t be inside of the dustbag. Except when the’re pre­owned ofcourse! If you see a white dustbag or a CC sign on the dustbag the espadrilles are most likely fake.

“The chance that a seller is selling authentic Chanel espadrilles that are a bit overpriced is much higher than a seller who sells authentic espadrilles for a bargin!”

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