Fake vs Real Leather Jacket

Fake vs Real Leather Jacket
Fake vs Real Leather Jacket

                                     How to spot fake Leather Jacket

  1. There is no doubt that that the real leather jacket has evolved from a flight jacket to greatest fashion equipment. Many men regard it as a sign of toughness; however, the leather jacket is not only used by men it is also worn by women who equally idolize it.When comparing the fake and real leather jacket, first of all, you need to know how to differentiate between the two; there are some noticeable differences between the genuine and fake leather jacket.


Difference between Real Leather and Fake Leather

Fake Leather is also called Faux or syntactic leather there are some differences we can notice when comparing faux leather to real leather.


Checking the surface is the easiest method of differentiating between real and faux leather. The surface of the real leather is typically smooth and glossy with tiny pores and fine lines. The fake leather is glossy but lacks the pores and lines of real leather. The recent technologies have made it tough to distinguish the faux leather, but if you look at the surface closely, you might notice the difference.

Water Absorbing Factor:

Real Leather is good at absorbing water unless it’s water resistant leather; on the other hand, faux leather does not absorb water. You can do an experiment by throwing few drops of water on your leather jacket if the jacket absorbs water within ten to fifteen seconds it is surely a real leather jack whereas if the water slides away and does not get absorbed it is fake leather.


Fake leather jackets are lighter than the real leather jacket. Lambskin is comparatively lighter than Cowhide, but the faux leather is lighter than both of them. It may even be lighter than a cotton hoodie.

Folding It:

Leather jackets are elastic they do not wrinkle easily while folding due to the firmness. Fake leather is not smooth therefore they easily get wrinkled while folding.

Back side:

Real Leather is a little rough on the inside like suede whereas artificial leather is smooth on the inside. It is hard to compare both of them due to the development of new technologies but if you carefully look behind you will find noticeable differences.


Faux or fake leather usually smells like chemical and vinyl. Real leather smells natural. Smell is very helpful to identify the difference between the genuine and fake leather.

Burning With Fire:

This technique is not recommended for you to try but it surely works. When coming in contact with flame the faux leather burns and curls inwards leaving an unpleasant odor, the real leather does not burn very well

Now you know the difference between the genuine and fake leather you also need to know which one to prefer while buying.

Real Leather Vs Fake Leather Jacket

When talking about real and fake leather, real leather is a more preferred option, but certain conditions give the fake leather an edge over the real leather.


Fake Leather


Followings are the benefits of the fake leather over the real leather.


The primary reason to buy a fake leather jacket is the price; leather jackets are expensive if you want leather like appearance on a tight on a budget the faux leather is the only option you have.

Easy To Maintain:

Faux leather is effortless to clean and maintain you only need warm water and cloth. Unlike real leather faux leather does not absorb water which makes it simpler to clean the modern faux leather jackets can remove food and ink stains with just a piece of cloth.

Differences fake Leather Jacket




Faux leather is very fashionable with numerous amounts of textures and patterns. Fake Leather being a synthetic material can be dyed in various colors. The faux leather jacket is more customizable than a real leather jacket making it more fashionable; due to this factor it is also the center of attraction for women.

Immune to Scratch or Scrape:

Although faux leathers do not last long, they are good at resisting any scratch or scrape. They are stain resistant, and colors do not fade quickly. Genuine leather jackets are more durable but are prone to cracks and peel.

Easy to work:

Faux leather jackets are usually lighter than real leather jackets making it easier to work with.

4. Real Leather Jacket


Real Leather has a greater advantage over fake leather. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase a real leather jacket if you can afford it.


The greatest advantage the real leather jacket has over the fake leather is its eco-friendly nature. The leather is completely natural and no chemicals are used while making it. Although some amounts of chemicals are used during the production process, it is nowhere near the amount utilized for the manufacturing of counterfeit goods. Fashion is usually accused of polluting the nature but the products made up of real leather are both stylish and environment-friendly.


The leather is highly durable which means it can last for years. Although they are expensive but they are known to last so long that it covers the high amount of money you spent on purchasing it.




The leather is a solid material it is so tough that it was used by bikers and military men to protect them self. When it comes to toughness, the faux leather cannot match the protective and substantial ability of the real leather biker jacket. Due to its durability and toughness not only men but most women also prefer the real leather jacket

Leather Breathes:

Leather absorbs moisture and eliminates humidity it also lets the air pass while wearing it; this breathing ability makes leather a unique material rating it higher than faux leather.


The leather is natural and is very safe when it comes in contact with the skin other synthetic materials like faux leather can be harmful to the skin causing rashes, infections, and itchiness. Genuine leather also feels soft and comfortable.


With time, leather becomes softer and more flexible, maintaining the same shape and strength whereas faux leather gets stiffer and harder with time making it unusable.


Leather smells natural and much better than the chemical smell of the faux leather. The leather does not smell very good but due to its nature, it blends very well with the atmosphere making it unnoticed whereas the smell of synthetic leather can easily be identified in public.

Leather jackets are in fashion from over hundred years since the bomber jackets you can use it for style or as protection while riding a bike or simply to keep yourself warm during winters. Choosing a real or faux leather totally depends on your situation; if you want to look stylish at an affordable price try the faux leather and if you want a jacket which can protect you from road crash and is durable you should buy the real leather jacket.


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