How to spot fake Adidas cap

     How to spot fake Adidas cap


Differences fake Adidas cap

1. The original Adidas 2016 hat has a unique design in three shades of colors between white lines. On front, one may see the Adidas logo and the white sewn writing.


2. On the inside, the seam is covered by a black lace imprinted on the entire length of the logo, and the Adidas mark. The blue detachable label is on the inside as well, containing details about the product: type of item, size, barcode or the website link.


3. At the back, one may notice the blue fixed label containing details about the product, the logo and details about the brand. Underneath, one may see the bigger white label containing the country of origin in several languages, the address of destination and the code number. If the code on the fixed label does not correspond with the code on the detachable label, this may be a fake product.


4. Behind the big white label inside the original hat Adidas 2016, there is another label with the manufacturing date 12/15 (December 2015) and other two codes.


5. Please notice that the interior made of high quality material and the seams are clean. The material is anchored in the middle by an aluminum rivet. On the inside, the hat has cardboard to preserve the shape and to absorb the surplus of water vapors.


How do we recognize the original Adidas cap

6. At the back, one may see the adjustment according to the size and the ventilation holes. They are sewn with black thread. To one of them, the exposure hook may be placed for presentation.

The seams are made with black thread and are parallel. There must be no surplus of material or of threads hanging on the outside.



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