How to spot fake Adidas jacket

How to spot fake Adidas jacket
How to spot fake Adidas jacket

How to tell if the Adidas jacket is fake



Differences fake  Adidas jacket

1. Adidas tracksuit original blouse comes in two colors: black and orange. Adidas logo is on the left.


2. The interior labels track jacket are blue. The big one on the right side contains the famous adidas three stripe logo, and the small one product details: size in several languages and country of origin. Under the tab label is the climbing.

Adidas Original Tracksuit Blouse

3. On the small label is caught the detachable label. It is blue and contains the following: the barcode, size L, country of origin, style number and category of clothing (Jackets).

On the back of the original brand label is specified: “The brand with the three stripes” in three languages. At the end you can see that the blue label that does not end straight and has a model law and on the labeling you can see the white image of Adi Dassler, the founder of Adidas.

4.  YKK zipper is metalicde type. It suits the jacket Adidas and contains the name of brand besides the tree with white logo.

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5. Notice the logo on the chest as sewn on the front and inside. The stitch is clean and free of added material or thread. This logo is black and white writing.

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6. Please observe carefuly the quality of the seams at sleeves and tracksuit jacket in general, it should be parallel, clean, free thread hanging or added material. The material must be quality and pleasant to the touch. Original products are much stronger than fake products.

To avoid buying a low quality product you should buy only from official stores and their partners. After every purchase ask for the codes and check them carefully.



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