How to spot fake Emporio Armani cap

How to spot fake Emporio Armani cap
How to spot fake Emporio Armani cap

                                 How to tell Emporio Armani cap

1. The original Emporio Armani hat is blue and has a unique design. On the left side, the initials EA7 are visible, and below it is written “Emporio Armani”.


2. The metallic anchoring system at the back is golden and it bears the same imprinted logo EA7 and Emporio Armani. The similar colors may make it difficult to notice.


Differences fake Emporio Armani cap

3. The interior is black. Here one may notice the quality of the seams, 5 stripes with the initials EA7 and a label. The label contains maintenance information about the product, the country of origin, material, etc.

Please notice that there are two holes on the side, for airing. On the inner border, a black label is sewn, bearing the imprints of EA7 Emporio Armani in white.

img_1924 img_1925 img_1926

4. The outer label is made of several labels. It confirms the original product. One of the labels contains the certificate of authenticity and a unique serial number.

img_1927 img_1928 img_1931 img_1930

5. A third label contains data about the product and the (blue) barcode, the size and other transport codes.



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