How to spot fake Nike Air Max 1 PRM

How to spot fake Nike Air Max 1 PRM
How to spot fake Nike Air Max 1 PRM

How to tell if the Nike Air Max 1 PRM is fake

Safari print will always be iconic to the Nike Air Max silhouettes and the latest one to release using the pattern is the Nike Air Max 1.

This upcoming release sports a Black and Bamboo color scheme. The upper features Dark Blue underlays with Black overlays. The Safari print wraps around the entire shoe to be the main selling point.


1. We present you the Nike Air Max 1 PRM Original black sneakers.


2. The original box is red and has Nike logo on the lid and on the sides. Inside can be seen on the style number and size of the box for storage in case you have several similar cases. Box logo color and shape can be changed according to the season and product.

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3. On the outside of the box you can see a printed label with: barcode, model, size, etc. Also at the top you can see the name and logo of Nike Air Max 1 PRM.

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4. Presentation Nike Air Max 1 PRM original sneakers black. They are delivered protected by a white paper with the Nike logo.


Differences fake Nike Air Max 1 PRM

5. Nike sign on the side is sewn in relief. Unlike other pairs of sneakers this is present in the front in a smaller size. Shoelaces are all black. At the top the producer ordered an additional hole (you can see the last two holes green) for a firmer fasten in case of running or jogging.

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6. If we look from the front we can see that the muzzle is covered with a material similar to crocodile skin. Behind this material is applied to a mesh for breathability on hot days.


7. The double hole that is specified above in this post is presented more closely. You can see stitch around it that provides high resistance and seams of other adidas logo. If it is not clean and stitch thread or added material shows the product may not be original.

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8. The inner label on the tongue shows the top nike logo and website to order the sneakers. Below sizes are described in more languages and country of manufacture and the bar code. This must match with the bar code on the box.


9. At the interior the manufacturer made custom shoes with Nike Air logo and language. If you remove the language clean stitch can see the original Nike Air Max 1 PRM.

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10. The heel has sewn Nike sign and green is protected by the same material that is found at the top. Depending on the model can be sewn and glued sole, but no traces of Lipis sight. The sole is entirely black.

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