How to spot fake New Era NBA cap

New Era cap nba los angeles lakers
New Era cap nba los angeles lakers

                           How to spot fake New Era NBA cap

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1. How can you tell if the New Era NBA cap is fake? Follow the steps below to check the authenticity of the product.

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2. The cap comes with a sticker showing the name and size.

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3. Check the size of the logo. Carefully check the stitching and alignment. These must not have extra material.


Differences fake New Era NBA cap

4. Inside you must find the New Era logo which must match the one on the sticker.

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5. The inside label must feature the logo, country of origin and the material the cap is made of.

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6. Another label with the size must be found inside. Check that it matches the size and font featured on the sticker. Also, the stitching must be clean.

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7. Each original cap includes an embroidered label. Check that the embroidery is clean and its logo matches the brand’s logo.

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How do we recognize the original New Era NBA cap

8. A sticker with the safety protection must be found on the inside of all NBA caps.

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9. Each NBA cap has an unique number. This number must be also read in the hologram.

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