How to spot Polo Ralph Lauren hat

How to spot Polo Ralph Lauren hat
How to spot Polo Ralph Lauren hat

             How to tell if the Polo Ralph Lauren hat is fake

Ralph Lauren Logo

Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer with clothing lines for men, women, and children. He also has a line of sportswear, fragrance and home accessories. The logo for Ralph Lauren is a polo player on a horse. Polo is a sport traditionally played by the royal family and the wealthy people. The company was founded in 1967. The designer Ralph Lauren started out in a tie factory. His first product were ties.

The logo consists of the text “Ralph Lauren” and a polo horseman. The Polo horseman is used to represent a good lifestyle along with pride and high class, since the sport of polo is very expensive and played by mostly the upper class men. It was first used as an emblem in 1971, which later on became their signature look. This emblem made the clothes line exclusively for the wealthy since at that time polo was only played by high class society

The logo uses black and white, to represent the elegance of the brand and its style, but there logo uses a different color. The Ralph Lauren brand uses a custom typeface made specifically for their brand. The text does consist of serifs and is written in all caps. Now this logo is available in every form; from websites to prints to embroidery.

Ralph Lauren sued the U.S. polo association for copying their logo, which was won by the Ralph Lauren Corp.




1. The  original Ralph Lauren Polo hat has the logo of the company, pay attention to the writing and the way the logo is placed. Also check the stitches that should be  straight and clean.


2. Pay attention to the stitches of the inside logo (the cart horse has to be visible).If the inside logo is missing you are having a fake hat.


3. The real bonnet has 3 inside tags:the first one has the name of the company POLO( P letter –the 1st side with waves, the O letters- the insides are wavy, L letter – the 1st side with waves)


4. The inside is identifical to the front;


Differences fake Polo Ralph Lauren hat

5. The inside of the bonnet has 2 more tags: the initial, bigger one has the country of fabrication and the washing instructions. The second one has the serial number 0200117 18 and the colour code 0000169043.If these inside tags are missing that the hat is a fake one.


6. The  original Ralph Lauren Polo hat has a detachable tag. On the front of it there is the name POLO RALPH LAUREN ( blue tag, yellow writing).Check carefully the size, quality of the print, distance and writing of the logo. Take a close look at the stitches that should be stright and clean.


7. The inside of the tag has the following specifications: COM( big letters tied together), sold exclusively the Ralph Lauren selective distribuition network, the colour of the bonnet, bar code and the size.


8. If the tag does not have these elements, then the hat is a fake.





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